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In Earth Year 1971, two years after humans landed on the moon, an advanced alien species identified our planet as potentially harboring a significant, spacefaring civilization.

Immediately, they launched a fleet of ships across the galactic void on a treacherous 50-year race towards us.

At that moment, Earth’s cosmic fate was sealed.

Get your ARBO Playable
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From our limited communications deciphered thus far, the ARBO scout ship is part of a fleet deployed to protect Earth from an all-consuming dark force that acts as a universal Great Filter, erasing any emergent civilizations it finds.

As a dark omen of our future, the Fermi Paradox has finally been resolved.

Millions of planets have dared to defy this unknown, malevolent force - almost all have fallen.

However, the ARBO believe it’s not too late for Earth to avoid suffering a similar unfortunate fate. At their own peril, they voyaged here to join us in establishing and training a suitable defense force to resist this impending doom.

But time is quickly running out.

As the ARBO left their star system, the dark force attacked them, and a number of their ships were lost. The ARBO ship says the rest of their fleet will reach Earth soon, filled with their homeworld’s top military figures, engineers, builders, and philosophers. Upon arrival, they’ll start constructing advanced temples that function as summoning portals for reinforcements.

They have much to share with our world, but we’ll need the most intelligent, the bravest, and the most capable among us to unite with the ARBO as Earth’s last best hope. Are you ready to step forward from the crowd to help defend our planet as part of the elite Earth-ARBO Defense Force?


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